Kirkwood Middle Visit

Thank you to Mrs. Laura Boss and the entire staff at Kirkwood Middle School for the incredible experience and warm welcome today!

It was so great seeing all the teachers, faculty, and students that I already know and getting to meet so many new faces. This is such a great school and I am looking so forward to being involved in this community for the next four years as your School Board representative. Mrs. Boss showed me around the school and I got to see a few classes in action and even got to check out the gym and lunchtime. Every student and faculty member I spoke to loves the school and the kids sure did love pizza, waffle fry, and funnel cake day today! I even got to see some of the staff again from Kirkwood High School!

It was neat speaking to multiple faculty members who have thanked me for visiting schools – and it is my honor! For those who are counting, I have just one more school left (I’m coming to see you soon Carmel Elementary) to visit and I will have visited every school in my district at least once (plus a few outside my district).