As your State Representative, I will fight to bring infrastructure improvements to District 68 and all of Montgomery County. Our community is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, and our infrastructure and roads must scale up to meet this demand. The TN Department of Transportation (TDOT) recently allocated $296.3 million to widen a section of Trenton Road (State Route 48) and $511 million to widen a corridor of Interstate 24 in Montgomery County, and I will work to ensure these and other projects are completed in order to reduce traffic and congestion.


Our children are our future, and I believe in the rights of parents to their children’s education. Just as I have on the Clarksville-Montgomery School Board, I will work diligently to ensure that schools teach our children what they need to be successful and give our teachers the tools to provide the best education for our children. My experience and knowledge with our school district give me a unique perspective in addressing these challenges on a state level. I support Public, Private, micro-school, homeschool, and Charter schools as viable forms of education, and I support Governor Bill Lee’s call for statewide school choice.

Border Security and Immigration:

The number one issue facing our nation today is securing our southern border. America is a nation founded on the Rule of law, and illegal immigration continues to be a problem, both for the burden on our infrastructure and our national security. I will champion efforts that de-incentivize illegal immigrant relocation to Tennessee, support the efforts of our brave Law Enforcement, and work to expand legislation that provides avenues to citizenship for those who seek America as the land of opportunity it is.

Fiscal Responsibility:

Keeping taxes low and keeping more money in your pocket is critical to the success of our community. As your State Representative, I will make it a priority to keep taxes low and cut spending and government “red tape” where it needs to be cut.

Red Flag Laws:

There is currently a serious risk to our Second Amendment rights in the State Legislature. As a proud member of the NRA and TFA, I will stand against “Red Flag” laws, which enable the government to confiscate a person’s firearms and extinguish their Second Amendment rights.

Public Safety:

Ensuring the safety of our neighborhoods and communities is crucial as Clarksville continues to grow. I will work to strengthen laws that protect law-abiding citizens and the first responders who keep us safe.

Certificate of Need:

Healthcare can be expensive and complex. But Tennessee’s rules and restrictions are making it worse, often for those who can least afford care. Adopted in the 1970s, certificate-of-need (CON) laws require a government permission slip before providing most healthcare services, such as opening a new hospital or purchasing high-tech medical equipment.

We will have a higher population than Chattanooga in two years, and they have four hospitals operating many locations. Repealing this outdated law will create better care through competition, directly impacting Montgomery County’s ability to get a new hospital.