As the winds of change sweep through our political landscape, I find myself reflecting on the journey that led me to passionately support the Republican Party. In 2004, I attended a Christian college in Columbus, Ohio, when the entire election ended up being decided by that city. With enthusiasm and vigor, I knocked on doors, campaigning, being drenched by the rain for the Bush campaign, and we won the election and were spared a Kerry presidency.

I have been in leadership on a church staff for 20 years, and my whole life has been about serving people. Since being elected to the school board as the first elected Republican, I have discovered that the same passion I have for serving in the church exists in representing our community.

And I absolutely love our community! Clarksville-Montgomery County, in my opinion, is the absolute best place to live on the planet, so when COVID shut down our schools and I saw the anguish it placed on our students and my children, I sprang into action to run for our School Board. 

With the same energy I have served representing conservative values on our School Board, I will represent District 68 in the State Legislature.

“When I become your next State Representative,
I will finish out my term on the School Board.”

I believe in the conservative values of the Republican Party and have aligned every vote I’ve cast to those values, and I am dedicated to these beliefs. Now, standing at the threshold of representing District 68 in the State Legislature, I’m more convinced than ever that our community deserves unwavering dedication. I believe I will be a great State Representative for District 68, and I ask you for your vote during the State Primary on August 1st.

Curious to know if you are in State Representative District 68? Check out this detailed District 68 Map.