Kirkwood Tennis Balls

I visited Kirkwood Middle School two weeks ago and during the visit, the principal, Mrs. Laura Boss, mentioned casually that she needed 900 tennis balls. Why? Well, this is the only two-story middle school in our district and the students upstairs are on a different schedule than the students downstairs. Every time the students upstairs change classes or even get up to sharpen a pencil, the metal chair legs scratch the floor resulting in a loud noise. Imagine that happening with 500 students at once.

Mrs. Boss mentioned to me after I heard this noise that they were going to fundraise for the tennis balls. I thought to myself, “How hard could it be to help get this accomplish immediately?” I made a Facebook post asking for help and that is when Anglin Concrete stepped in!

Jonathan Anglin and Anglin Concrete purchase the tennis balls and we delivered them this morning to Kirkwood to a very excited staff. THANK YOU to Jonathan for immediately stepping in and making a HUGE impact in the lives of these students!!!