February 20, 2022

I have signs!

Aron Maberry for School Board

I have yard signs!!!  Request yours now at www.votemaberry.com/volunteer/ or send me a message, and I’ll make sure you get it delivered to your home.

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February 17, 2022

Leadership CMCSS Tennessee College of Applied Technology

Leadership CMCSS TCAT day

First time back in 2022, my Leadership CMCSS class started the day off by learning more in-depth about the school system’s budget and human resources. What a great team. I have to say on a personal note that our district’s Chief Financial Officer, Chris Reneau, is one amazing guy. He does such a great job and is the nicest finance …

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February 12, 2022

Important meeting: Parents – time to show up

Last December I stood in front of the School Board and asked them to follow state law concerning the Family Life Curriculum (state-mandated Sex Education). They listened and at the last School Board meeting, I publicly acknowledged and thanked them for pumping the breaks. Now that they have listened and the public hearings are scheduled – we need the public …

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