Recently I attended a meeting in which staff members of CMCSS stated that there is a lot of misinformation floating around and that there is no problem with our school lunches. They also stated they have been asking the school lunch staff to take pictures of the food, staged – before it is served so that if any pictures go viral they will be able to show what was “actually served.”

My message to the School System is simple… it’s not as bad as some of the pictures that have been floating around, but it’s not as good as you are saying. This is not being transparent – you are hiding the truth that our School System is not doing anything about it (see my previous post for context).

And today, not even a week after the referenced meeting above they decided to serve “taco pizza (see the featured image).” This was all there was to eat at this school. There was also supposed to be salad for the ranch, but it ran out. This problem is real, can we just admit, reach for additional vendors to help this situation so that our children can help full meals? Or should we keep denying that there is a problem? I leave it to you.