Charter Vote Response

Thanks to all who reached out to me after Tuesday’s vote.

Last year, the board got to ask questions after the district recommendation; however, this year, it was arbitrarily changed without our consent. Last Tuesday, when I started asking the questions (which I had already submitted) to get them on the public record, the board voted to shut down my questioning. This is the sad side of politics, and those I represent voice got shut down.

I calmly and peacefully asked the questions, which wasn’t a shock to the district. I told them exactly what I was going to do. Nothing was personal, and I wanted answers to the questions I asked to be transparent and read to the public. I also had follow-up questions based on not receiving direct answers to the questions I asked.

I had 234 individuals tell me they were for Charter Schools, 74 against them, and 10 undecided, and I asked this publically outside my echo chamber.

I know I can’t please everyone, but I voted for parental choice to allow this charter school, as the majority of my constituents asked. I couldn’t take the district’s recommendation when almost every deficiency listed went outside the state rubric guidelines. When I began to ask about it, I got shut down. Two sections recommended last year were not this year, with virtually no change to these sections. This is goalpost moving and makes the entire process unfair and incredible.

So, the vote was 6-1 against the school, and I was proud to stand on my principles and for the majority in our community who want to see these choices in public education.

Response to Charter School “debate”