It’s not a normal thing to have someone serve in a district with such support and exemplary service for 20 years. Someone who stands for what he believes in and represents not just his district but the entire state as the Deputy Speaker of the House. This is exactly what we have in our current State Representative, Curtis Johnson.

When he first ran, he beat the long-time incumbent, Tommy Head, and flipped a traditionally blue district and turned it deep red. Before serving as our State Representative, Curtis Johnson served as a City Councilman in Clarksville, TN for eight years.

I had the pleasure to sit with Representative Johnson and take him to lunch in 2023 to speak to him about his intentions to run. I was prayerfully considering the possibility of running and was looking to get his intentions. At the time, he had not made up his mind but has since decided to retire from his seat.

Now that Representative Johnson has decided to retire, I have, through much prayer and contemplation, decided to run for the office of State Representative for District 68.

Just like Curtis, I believe in smaller government, lower taxes, and strengthening the Clarksville-Montgomery County community. I will not be attempting to fill his shoes, but I will stand on the foundation he created and carry on the tradition of conservative values, and be that voice for a new generation of Republicans.

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Representative Curtis Johnson