Charter School Meeting

I got to attend a meeting last week with other local politicians talking about the possibility of a Charter School entering Montgomery County. It was a great presentation.

They highlighted:

• A charter school is a public school

• There will be a lottery system in place to choose the student body if too many applicants apply (which they anticipate)

• They would start K-5 in 2023 and add a grade level every year with the first graduating class being in 2030

• At the height of their enrollment with a full 6-12 they will have 700 students

• They will focus on what they call “classical education” which includes teaching cursive writing, phonics, math the way most of us know it, three recess periods a day for elementary-age children, teaching Latin starting in 3rd grade, an emphasis on the art, amongst other things

• This school will only service 1% of the totality of Montgomery County students

We have 38,000 students (and climbing) and once Kirkwood is complete we will be back to the overpopulated situation that we are currently in and we do not have land purchased or a plan to start any more new schools.

I have heard in the past that many community members have been against Charter Schools because of the impact that could be made on CMCSS. I walked away thinking that with them only covering 1% of the total population that this would do nothing to harm CMCSS, but would greatly benefit those who were a part of the school.

I’m starting to think this may not be a bad option for our community. I’d most definitely rather our students be in this Charter School than packed in temporary classroom pods outside the school.